Summer in Oahu

After our trip to France, it was time to go home and home is now Oahu ! Flying from Paris to Honolulu is so loooong ! I've taken this flight 4 times this past year, crazy.... What I like the most when our flight arrives to Honolulu is not only knowing I'll be in my bed soon after 24h of no sleep, but also the smell of the air here. It smells like what I call, the "island air". The air is humid. You take off your sweater, temperature is nice and this island air tells me"I am back". It's been almost a year now that I live in Oahu and I love it so much !

For the rest of the summer, Jeremy and I decided to spend some time in our island. Jeremy is, of course, busy with his work but he is also able to make his own schedule. So, every time we want to go to the beach, we just go ! Here are some pictures of our adventures in Oahu this summer.

_M7A0599 copy 2.jpg
0M7A0359 copy.jpg
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_M7A0581 copy.jpg
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Summer 2017 - South of France

This summer, I returned to my family's home in the south of France.  It's in a small town about an hour from the Mediterranean sea named Carcassonne.  In my village, you'll find a lot of small, adorable cottages and one huge castle. 

Coullioure is one of my favorite places in the south of France.  We found a tiny flat spot on the rocky shoreline and swam in crystal clear waters all by ourselves.  Moules et Frites (Muscles and Fries), a Coullioure specialty, was the only way to end a perfect day!